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Make the Most

Of What You Have

In Work. In Life.

Windsor Crescent is a unique approach to building wealth that puts your family first

"Our role in your family office is simple: We guide
and support you by clarifying where you are today,
where you’ve come from, and where you want to be.”

– The Windsor Crescent Team

Windsor Crescent 
Family Office System 

Helping families maximize and build on their cultural, intellectual, and financial wealth. 

At Windsor Crescent, we work with high achieving families who are committed to building value by putting family first.

Windsor Crescent knows that wealth comes from more than just money. True wealth is the culmination of each family’s unique cultural, intellectual and financial capital.

Our experience shows that long-term success for families starts and finishes with understanding family culture and leveraging family strengths.

Three Generations

Windsor Crescent 

  • Independent Strategic Advisory

  • Implementation

  • Management Services

  • Transaction Management, Development, and Education

  • No Asset Products Sold


Family First Exploration

Our proprietary investigation process explores the people, stories, strengths and values that ground your family culture.

This serves as the foundation of your planning and actions.


Framework and Practices

Work through ten strategic modules that lay the framework of your estate, including  governance structures, asset overview and wealth transfer plans.


Maximizing Wealth

Should growth opportunities arise, our Senior Business Management Team can help execute. 

This can support your family vision for generations to come.

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