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Wealth With Direction

Vision, Values and Wealth - From One Generation to the Next

Family Time

Move your family and wealth forward.


Using a proprietary investigation and business assessment system, we capture a view of the past and present to help prepare you for the future.  After establishing a foundation of shared family values and vision, business structures and operational decisions become clear, collaborative, and actionable.

“Whether you are grandparents wanting to pass down values that support prosperity, or parents eager to install values in your own children, Windsor Crescent is designed to facilitate your growth and success.”

– The Windsor Crescent Team

Strategic Steps Turn Values Into Action 

The Windsor Crescent Family Office System incorporates a progressive series of three steps that are customized for each family.

Step 1-01.png


Family First Exploration

Our proprietary system takes a deep dive into family culture, strengths, values and goals.

In-depth interviews capture family data which undergoes qualitative and quantitative analysis. 

Learning from this process is presented to the family and is used to develop a shared vision and realistic goals that will serve as a foundation for your estate moving forward.  

Step 1-02.png


Framework and Practices

We work with you to complete ten strategic modules which build a  framework for your estate.

This process fosters family alignment and addresses and refines business practices and structures.

Modules focus on estate management, governance, business structures, asset overview and wealth transfer.

Step 1-03.png


Maximizing Wealth

Step 2 can highlight opportunistic business transactions.

Our Senior Business Management Team that can assist you in executing these transactions, which will support your family vision for generations to come.

Step 3 is optional

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