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Inspired Succession Planning

For Your Family Today.  And Their Families Tomorrow.

A Happy Family

Windsor Crescent™ is an independent estate advisory company. We have designed a system that allows families to build sustainable and inspired futures.


Our system is simple:

We help individuals and families thrive by understanding where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they want to go.

“Every family deserves the opportunity to thrive; to understand what sparks their curiosity, what inspires and motivates them, both individually  and collectively.


Windsor Crescent is committed to honouring that understanding 

and to fostering growth strategies with true intention, integrity and intergenerational pride.”

– The Windsor Crescent Team

Tailored Services. Tailored Team. 

At Windsor Crescent we understand first-hand that advancing and transferring wealth can sometimes encounter challenges.  We also know how exciting it can be for everyone when family values are aligned, and everything is managed well. 


All Windsor Crescent services and fees are tailored to each family’s situation and requirements. Our team is made up of progressive, results-oriented specialists with proven skills in advanced human behaviour, business and financial strategy, governance, and compliance. Each Windsor Crescent professional is committed to maximizing the strength of your family culture while building value in your estate. 


As required, we partner with a vetted network of senior specialists who can meet any additional estate needs. 

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